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This week I popped along to the Summer London Blogger Meetup. In terms of numbers and meeting new folk it was the best yet. I still think that short presentations or even a 20-minute debate style showcase add some niceness and interest to the whole shebang, but this week’s was purely social and that’s fine by me. […]

Back in May 2006, my life was consumed by one of the most exciting projects I’ve had the pleasure to work on –  The UK launch of the Slingbox. It was brought to market in time for the World Cup (just), and the reactions we got from a media point of view were almost exclusively […]

I LOVE this… it’s doing the rounds and is likely to send tonnes of traffic and social media loving to its creator, Martha Z. Kagan. According to Slideshare, this presentation has had 92 embeds… which is impressive, and makes this one number 93

Here’s a nice post from Dave Fleet making the case for social media being like long distance running. He claims that with social media, “you need to put in a lot of work up-front – making connections, getting involved in the online communities and helping others, with what can sometimes feel like very little reward. […]