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To celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary, Google has provided an index of it’s earliest picture of the web – all the way back to 2001… here’s just a few things that are soo different now. “Facebook” brings up a list of sites at Harvard… strange that. “MySpace” was about data storage.. a whole 50MB FREE!!!! “YouTube” […]

Ok, so we say a lot about listening, but Sony has one for the playbook this week. The forthcoming Playstation 3 game LittleBigPlanet has been pulled globally following a post from a gaming forum. One of the game’s soundtrack songs contained two “expressions” from the Qur’an. Sony’s statement said this: “it has been brought to our attention […]

The third edition of the Shoreditch Twit took on a degree of formality, with a super foosball sponsorship from the guys at Tipped, a semi-formal RSVP list, and a great bunch of people from the Twittersphere. We even had a representative from Vice magazine, and a journalist from The Times coming to chat  (thanks to […]

Well it turns out being tagged in a meme is like waiting for a bus – nothing for ages, then two come along at once (thanks to Mel and Tom) following Jed Hallam‘s invention of the three for three meme. So here we go with my contribution. Top three non-work websites Urban Path – There are more […]

Despite my ineptitude in not being able to actually reserve a foosball table at Bar Kick, we’ve still managed to pick up a sponsor for next week’s Shoreditch Twit. Thanks to online reviews community Tipped (via grumblemouse) for stumping up the first 25 games of table football on the evening. If the game’s not your thing, no […]

Get dapper


Spotted the Gieves & Hawkes AW08 suits on a recent iluwfashion post, and they’re simply gorgeous! They make the traditionally “older” three-piece and double-breasted styles look young, fresh and totally wearable by someone in their late 20s (uhh, me). The suggestion that students returning to campus should nip out and buy one is a little tongue […]

Here’s a little something I’m working on. I’ve always been intruiged by dreams, where they come from, why we remember certain things, and how they can be encapsulated in an image. So I decided to see what dreams people talked about online. It’s a work in progress and certainly needs some work done on the design, but […]