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While I was in the US earlier this year, I bought a copy of GQ magazine… not unusual, I normally get the British version… and was impressed to see that the contents appeared on page 82 of the issue. Advertisers taking up the first 81 pages included Prada, Dunhill, Breitling and David Yurman (who sells […]

Last year, I wrote this post on the Shiny Red blog about Blog Action Day, an initiative that looks to harness the wider voice of the blogosphere to raise awareness about one particular issue. Last year it was the environment. This year, they’ve started the campaign to recruit bloggers already and will be looking to […]

So since we’re enjoying the summer weather so much here, the trip on the Stella airship has been delayed, but I hope to get it arranged and blogged about soon. In any case, the weather also played havoc with last month’s Shoreditch Twit meetup and it was bit of a washout. However, there was demand […]