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The world of blogging has plenty of contrived language to keep itself distanced from Mr Average man on the street. In fact, I read something recently arguing that even Harvard Business School isn’t quite sure what a blog is. Add sock-puppets, flogs, and astroturfing into the mix, and there’s enough geeky jargon to scare away […]

A few days ago, there was a twitter conversation about the relatively few number of in-house PR professionals that are active bloggers. Some of the key thoughts were: Agencies and freelancers can use blogs to build reputation, and make themselve more employable to future clients. After all, if you’re going to hire someone to manage […]

US PR blogger Mel Seasons made a note in her facebook profile on what could prove to be a cheeky viral site prior to the US elections. Things younger than John McCain is what it says on the tin: a blog listing things that were invented, discovered, created or born after 29th August, 1936, the […]

Over the weekend, I stumbled across Ask500People, a survey website – currently running in beta – that gives users the opinion of 500 people on a first come first served basis. Questions are submitted via twitter voted for by the community, with the most popular ones being run live on site and then archived, so […]

So who’s job is social media? Is it a marketing role, something for only a highly trained team of specialists? Should we involve management or would they just not get it? Well one mantra that I’ve heard mentioned a few times recently is that “customer service is the new marketing”. At the recent Internet World […]