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While this post’s title could be about sweating while blogging – that’s not something I do a lot of, or try not to. In fact, it’s another meme that’s doing the PR blogger rounds based on the question, “What inspires you to blog?” I’ve been tagged by Jaz, so here’s my take. First blogger steps My […]

After a suitably rowdy football themed Twit last month, November takes on a simpler game – once of chance. Wednesday nights at Home Bar (6pm-9pm) play host to a do or die way of ordering drinks. Here’s how to play: Order your drinks Roll the dice The barman rolls the dice  If your score beats the barman, your […]

I’ve just got back from New York – an entirely non-work focused trip – and was struck by something while I was out there. Normal people in NYC read blogs… and not just occasionally. I’m blessed to have a number of friends in the city, so I manage to spend time there not being a […]