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About a year ago, I started writing this blog (first post here) and I’ve enjoyed it… mostly. Aside from the continual pressure I feel to write something interesting and new, it’s been a nice little outlet for things that catch my eye. I do try not to just exacerbate the social media echo chamber that can […]

Saw this tweet from James Whatley and decided I needed to get writing since it’s been a while. There are a couple of posts I want to write but haven’t had time recently, so until I get round to it,  here’s a massive spike on my blog.



While this post’s title could be about sweating while blogging – that’s not something I do a lot of, or try not to. In fact, it’s another meme that’s doing the PR blogger rounds based on the question, “What inspires you to blog?” I’ve been tagged by Jaz, so here’s my take. First blogger steps My […]

I’ve just got back from New York – an entirely non-work focused trip – and was struck by something while I was out there. Normal people in NYC read blogs… and not just occasionally. I’m blessed to have a number of friends in the city, so I manage to spend time there not being a […]

I party hard.


I was going to post about the blogger meetup yesterday, but I was out partying with these people – one of whom is a BB9 “competitor” with a deal to promote men’s make-up.. (he was wearing guyliner). Company Magazine’s 30th Birthday party isn’t exaclty social media, but it was free drinks, massages and a whole host of beautiful people […]

Last year, I wrote this post on the Shiny Red blog about Blog Action Day, an initiative that looks to harness the wider voice of the blogosphere to raise awareness about one particular issue. Last year it was the environment. This year, they’ve started the campaign to recruit bloggers already and will be looking to […]

This week I popped along to the Summer London Blogger Meetup. In terms of numbers and meeting new folk it was the best yet. I still think that short presentations or even a 20-minute debate style showcase add some niceness and interest to the whole shebang, but this week’s was purely social and that’s fine by me. […]