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Back in March, confectionery brand Skittles changed its homepage so that visitors were taken to a Twitter search page to see what was being said about the brand. Within hours, the project had been hijacked, leading to all kinds of negative tweets appearing on the company’s homepage including “#skittles got stuck in my mouth while […]

Saw this tweet from James Whatley and decided I needed to get writing since it’s been a while. There are a couple of posts I want to write but haven’t had time recently, so until I get round to it,  here’s a massive spike on my blog.

Apparently… well, the sun has been out all week, and this picture appeared on Flickr’s “interesting” feed today… never before have I written such a twee post!

The lovely people at will be sponsoring this week’s Shoreditch Twit event (the SDT6 picture is a little apt as well). I asked founder Rowan Gormley (@rowbags) some questions about what they’re up to, why they’re using Twitter, and if they had any good naked stories. LW: So tell me about Naked Wines… RG: […]

Well it’s 2009 and I’m feeling guilty about not posting for ages, so while I get all my other long-awaited posts finished, I thought I’d repost something I put together for Adam Lewis at Flawless Buzz. He’s been running a series of interviews of PR professionals to give his readers a window into what working […]

Well it turns out being tagged in a meme is like waiting for a bus – nothing for ages, then two come along at once (thanks to Mel and Tom) following Jed Hallam‘s invention of the three for three meme. So here we go with my contribution. Top three non-work websites Urban Path – There are more […]

Get dapper


Spotted the Gieves & Hawkes AW08 suits on a recent iluwfashion post, and they’re simply gorgeous! They make the traditionally “older” three-piece and double-breasted styles look young, fresh and totally wearable by someone in their late 20s (uhh, me). The suggestion that students returning to campus should nip out and buy one is a little tongue […]