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Call me a humbug or a killjoy, but I have to say that my reaction to the Absolut Kindness campaign (A week,  where kind gestures earn free stuff for people giving them) was one of deep cynicism. This reaction has nothing to do with the product, which I have no problem ordering, or the people running […]

I first cut my teeth in the blogging world back in 2006 during a stint volunteering in the Dominican Republic. I was teaching English at a school, and the placement was done through an organisation called I-to-I. Since my trip, the site has gone all Web 2.0 with bookmarks, blogs and even a social networking […]

So who’s job is social media? Is it a marketing role, something for only a highly trained team of specialists? Should we involve management or would they just not get it? Well one mantra that I’ve heard mentioned a few times recently is that “customer service is the new marketing”. At the recent Internet World […]

I’ve blogged elsewhere about the bad taste that email is leaving in our collective mouths, so I find it odd that Brand Republic is conceding so easily the news that 150bn emails are deleted without being read every year. Yes spam emails are better for the environment than direct marketing (DM), and there are more […]