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Since my last post was a little on the negative side, it’s time to lighten things up and talk about some of the sool stuff that was on show at IBC. So here’s a run down of my picks of the show: Accedo: These guys (from Sweden) put stuff on your TV that isn’t TV […]

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam for the annual International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) which brings together nearly 50,000 visitors from the world of TV. From traditional broadcast to exciting applications such as mobile and IPTV, the exhibition and conference is a window into all that’s going on in video and radio entertainment. […]

This week I’m off to IBC in Amsterdam with Shiny Red Client Aprico. My background is entrenched in the digital video world and after a year of working in my current role, it’s actually a nice and refreshing change to get back into the TV field. However, the worlds of web and TV have been […]