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So I’ve been meaning to put a post up about this for a while. Mario Cacciottolo is a photographer, and a blogger. He runs a website called Someone Once Told Me. The concept is a simple one – a new photo, every day, of someone displaying something that someone told them… once. We all remember being […]

Well it’s 2009 and I’m feeling guilty about not posting for ages, so while I get all my other long-awaited posts finished, I thought I’d repost something I put together for Adam Lewis at Flawless Buzz. He’s been running a series of interviews of PR professionals to give his readers a window into what working […]

Some people must watch their incoming links like hawks… only hours after adding to my blogroll, Steven Davis Stephen Davies has outed social PRobiotic to the twitter community. I, of course, claimed that my thunder had been stolen, but I’m actually very glad he did. Having read this post about the three type of twitter users, I found myself vowing […]

A few years ago, we’d never heard of Yakult or the other probiotic drinks and yoghurts that seem to be a part of every day life. But they’ve come a long way in a short time, even making it into the Office of National Statistics’ average shopping basket. It’s funny how those things that may seem to have limited […]