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The recent Shoreditch Twitnic saw an attendance of about 25 folk who braved the overcast skies of N1 to congregate in Shoreditch Park and have a lot of food and fun for Macmillan Cancer Support. The event raised just over £100 for the charity thanks to free food from Somerfield. As a follow up, I’ve […]

In the run up to today’s Shoreditch Twit, we’ve already interviewed one of our lovely sponsors, so it’s time to hear from someone who was present at the first ever Twit, and has frequently been involved in my most disorganised of meetups – Charles Olive (@grumblemouse) from LW: What’s the idea behind Tipped? CO: […]

The lovely people at will be sponsoring this week’s Shoreditch Twit event (the SDT6 picture is a little apt as well). I asked founder Rowan Gormley (@rowbags) some questions about what they’re up to, why they’re using Twitter, and if they had any good naked stories. LW: So tell me about Naked Wines… RG: […]

Well it’s 2009 and I’m feeling guilty about not posting for ages, so while I get all my other long-awaited posts finished, I thought I’d repost something I put together for Adam Lewis at Flawless Buzz. He’s been running a series of interviews of PR professionals to give his readers a window into what working […]