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Back in March, confectionery brand Skittles changed its homepage so that visitors were taken to a Twitter search page to see what was being said about the brand. Within hours, the project had been hijacked, leading to all kinds of negative tweets appearing on the company’s homepage including “#skittles got stuck in my mouth while […]

I LOVE this… it’s doing the rounds and is likely to send tonnes of traffic and social media loving to its creator, Martha Z. Kagan. According to Slideshare, this presentation has had 92 embeds… which is impressive, and makes this one number 93

Here’s a nice post from Dave Fleet making the case for social media being like long distance running. He claims that with social media, “you need to put in a lot of work up-front – making connections, getting involved in the online communities and helping others, with what can sometimes feel like very little reward. […]

I first cut my teeth in the blogging world back in 2006 during a stint volunteering in the Dominican Republic. I was teaching English at a school, and the placement was done through an organisation called I-to-I. Since my trip, the site has gone all Web 2.0 with bookmarks, blogs and even a social networking […]

The world of blogging has plenty of contrived language to keep itself distanced from Mr Average man on the street. In fact, I read something recently arguing that even Harvard Business School isn’t quite sure what a blog is. Add sock-puppets, flogs, and astroturfing into the mix, and there’s enough geeky jargon to scare away […]

A few years ago, we’d never heard of Yakult or the other probiotic drinks and yoghurts that seem to be a part of every day life. But they’ve come a long way in a short time, even making it into the Office of National Statistics’ average shopping basket. It’s funny how those things that may seem to have limited […]