It’s the taking part that counts…


This week I popped along to the Summer London Blogger Meetup. In terms of numbers and meeting new folk it was the best yet. I still think that short presentations or even a 20-minute debate style showcase add some niceness and interest to the whole shebang, but this week’s was purely social and that’s fine by me. They’re organised by marketer and all-round nice guy Andy Bargery, who managed to broker a deal to get some free drinks for the summer event courtesy of Stella Artois (and we didn’t all have to drink Stella… v savvy).  At this point I suppose I should perhaps explain why I have a picture of the very sexy Emmanuelle Beart on this post, but if you can guess, more power to you.

The lovely Artois people also held a competition to win one of its exclusive rides in its Star Over London airship – which I saw from a train yesterday evening – as part of its love your local campaign. My entry (about how “local” is a social term rather than a geographical one) was fortunate enough to win one of these highly coveted trips, but unfortunately, I’m unable to make the scheduled time. So in order to ensure that the wonderful experience is still hosted on social PRobiotic, I have given it away to the lovely JK who has agreed to write a guest post for me. She’ll be flying over London tomorrow evening, so check out her Twitter page for updates. Then drop back here next week to get her experience of the trip.

Great to see old faces and meet new ones including The Londoneer, LJRich and Xavier – go check ’em out as well as Annie Mole’s write-up and pictures from the London Bloggers event.


9 Responses to “It’s the taking part that counts…”

  1. Still don’t understand why the picture of Emmanuelle Beart ;o) Is she part of a Stella ad ???

  2. I also have no idea about Emmanuelle Beart – mainly cos I’ve no idea who she is – and the connection with Stella. Is it cos I is not a man?

    Nice post though and she also looks v sexy, whoever she is 😉

  3. bit tangential – she starred in the films that the Stella ads are based on!?

    still hoping that she stars in one herself – this costume, or lack of one, will do!

  4. and is it just my monitor, or is there a faint watermark of her face looking at you in this photo? weird! spooky!

  5. 5 Lewis

    Ok, you got it… I guess it wasn’t too tough to make that link. But it’s going to get more difficult from here. Emmanuelle is simply beautiful, so I don’t really need a reason to post pictures.

  6. Pleasure to meet you! Stayed on your blog, had a look round, nice place you got here… See you in real life sometime soon – LJ

  7. She’s great….cool blog Lew, have you reverted to the buzz cut?

  8. Who cares about the link, she is simply lovely! Nice blog by the way Lewis!

    Oh and the presentations will be making a come back at the Bloggers meetups!

  9. Thanks guys – appreciate the feedback a great deal!

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