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Apparently… well, the sun has been out all week, and this picture appeared on Flickr’s “interesting” feed today… never before have I written such a twee post! Advertisements

Piazza e mia!


Just when I was saying there are so many networking events to go to, turns out there’s one on the day of the next Shoreditch Twit. The LinkedInLondon meetup group has arranged the oddly named Aperitweat on 15th April… shock horror! But…… it’s being held at Al Volo, just 100 yards from The Big Chill […]

Well East London’s favourite tweet-up has come a long way. Shoreditch Twit #6 on  3rd March saw over 100 people crammed into Austin Gallery for wine, beer, music and bagels, the last of which were generously supplied by Steve Kennedy. Steve didn’t get an interview before the event, so here’s some more about him for […]

Despite previous suggestions that my love life is being conducted via twitter, I have to say that @reboundfinder is nothing to do with me.

Adapted from an original post at Shiny Red’s blog – (link) After last week’s Twitter agency audit in PR Week which missed out Red and Shiny Red, the team there were kind enough to ask my boss, Helen to take part in a panel discussion on how PRs are using the tool. On Monday, she […]

In the run up to today’s Shoreditch Twit, we’ve already interviewed one of our lovely sponsors, so it’s time to hear from someone who was present at the first ever Twit, and has frequently been involved in my most disorganised of meetups – Charles Olive (@grumblemouse) from LW: What’s the idea behind Tipped? CO: […]

The lovely people at will be sponsoring this week’s Shoreditch Twit event (the SDT6 picture is a little apt as well). I asked founder Rowan Gormley (@rowbags) some questions about what they’re up to, why they’re using Twitter, and if they had any good naked stories. LW: So tell me about Naked Wines… RG: […]