It’s all about your digestion


A few years ago, we’d never heard of Yakult or the other probiotic drinks and yoghurts that seem to be a part of every day life. But they’ve come a long way in a short time, even making it into the Office of National Statistics’ average shopping basket. It’s funny how those things that may seem to have limited appeal quickly become part of the mainstream mindset. The same could be said of social media. Over the last few years, social networking sites like facebook and twitter have gone from the preserve of the geek to having a consumer appeal beyond what many could have expected.

The hype around the world of social media is characterised by continual innovation, a constant search for “the next big thing”, and new and unchartered technological waters.

It’s all a bit hard to digest sometimes – hence social PRobiotic. This blog is my own humble attempt to make sense of the online world from a social media PR perspective (yes, it’s not a typo). All comments and feedback are most gladly appreciated.


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