Shoreditch Twit #9 feels the sun on its face


Well apparently it’s summer – or at least it was, for a week. Anyway, on the basis that it may get warm again, and in conjunction with Folu from Macmillan Cancer Support, Shoreditch Twit – N1 and E2’s most popular tweetup – is heading outside… and to a time slot that we’re not really used to… the weekend. That’s right, in support of Macmillan’s Big Picnic, we’re holding a Twitnic up in Shoreditch Park on Saturday, 20th June, from 1.30pm.


While we’ll be praying for good weather for the next two weeks, you can start planning buy….

1. Buying a rug
2. Selecting appropriate picnic garments
3. Practice making Pimms
4. Telling all your twitter friends to sign up here

Finally, we’re also really grateful to Big Picnic supporter Somerfield who are providing us with a selection of goodies for the picnic itself. We’ll have a bucket or something on the day to collect donations for Macmillan. Follow them on twitter at @macmillancancer.

If anyone has suggestions for entertainment that go beyond frisbee and hackey-sack, I’m all ears.


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