Shoreditch Twit #7 goes back to its roots


Well East London’s favourite tweet-up has come a long way. Shoreditch Twit #6 on  3rd March saw over 100 people crammed into Austin Gallery for wine, beer, music and bagels, the last of which were generously supplied by Steve Kennedy. Steve didn’t get an interview before the event, so here’s some more about him for you bagel munching fiends: Steve Kennedy has been in the industry far too long (even before there was a web, let alone a web 2.0). He now consults through NetTek Ltd, invests through NetTek Ventures and works for Textic Ltd who produce accessibility software as a service. 


So what now? where next? Well the Twit was never meant to be in the same vein as one of the many social media networking events, all kitted up with sponsors and entertainment, at ever more exclusive venues, with ever more exclusive guest lists. The original Shoreditch Twit was meant to be a very informal way of making new connections and strengthening existing ones over a nice cold drink.” It was six people in a pub, all buying their own drinks and making their own entertainment. 

So, while there are certainly (well-founded) rumblings of bigger and better Twits later on this year, in April, we’re going back to our roots at The Big Chill.   

When: Wednesday 15th April, from 7.00pm
Where: The Big Chill Bar, Dray Walk off Brick Lane, London E1 6QL (they have Wi-Fi)
How: Follow @shoreditchtwit, leave a comment, or click here to RSVP (twtvite has been set to non auto-tweet)


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