Shoreditch Twit #6 strikes a chord


What an event, what an achievement, what a team of stars. I am, of course, talking about Twestival. There’s still no final figure for money raised, but it was a tremendous success all in all, and a wonderful demonstration of how Twitter can bring people together for good. So what now? “Where’s my next Twitter meetup fix going to come from?” I hear you cry. Well fear not, Shoreditch Twit is back… and this time, it’s playing a guitar.


The Twit has, once again, teamed up with to host its sixth incarnation at the rather bohemian Austin Gallery at the top of Brick Lane.

When: Tuesday 3rd March, from 7.00pm
Austin Gallery, 119A Bethnal Green Road

The Shoreditch Twit #6 meetup is part of a series of events that Tipped is running at the gallery, which includes the Farewell to Winter party with Huddle.

As regulars will know, we always try to add a hint of intruige to the proceedings, from table football, to pool, to gambling for drinks (has to be done again!). So this time, we’re going to be showcasing some special acoustic acts with completely unplugged sets. Fortunately, the venue has two sections, so while the music is on downstairs, those wanting to chat can stay in the other room.

We’ve got some exciting performances lined up, from twitter newbie Elle Jay (@acousticellejay) and Matt Churchill (@geetarchurchy) who heads up vocals for his band Cedar. Our final act of the night is to be confirmed, but if you’re interested in playing, please do get in touch.

There will also be the usual blend of networking, drinks (some of which will be free!) and fun to be had by all. To sign up, visit the event Twtvite page here.


6 Responses to “Shoreditch Twit #6 strikes a chord”

  1. Is it Thursday the 6th or Tuesday the 3rd???

  2. It’s Tuesday 3rd… sorry – typo.

  3. 3 rellativity

    erm…..6th march is a friday not a tuesday….

  4. Who cares when the fuck it is – will there be a girl that looks like that there? And what’s her Twitter ID?

  5. I didn’t know you’re a nude art fanatic Robin!

  6. Did you try the new BrewDog? Wish I had known you’d be there – I’d have hung around to say hi.

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