I don’t look like my photo


So I’ve been meaning to put a post up about this for a while. Mario Cacciottolo is a photographer, and a blogger. He runs a website called Someone Once Told Me. The concept is a simple one – a new photo, every day, of someone displaying something that someone told them… once. We all remember being told different things, from the serious to the inane, there are things that stick in our minds, and the site documents these short sentiments in pictures. 

My SOTM comes with a rather embarassing audio file where I sound a lot posher than I think I sound. Funny, how my perception is that I do look like my photo, and I don’t sound like my audio recording. Just goes to show that when it comes to perceiving ourselves, we might not be the best judges.


One Response to “I don’t look like my photo”

  1. Gah – I’ve been meaning to set up a time to do this with Mario for ages. Procrastinating as usual 😦 Hopefully soon!

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