Until the next one…


Thanks to everyone who managed to drop by to the Shoreditch Twit on Monday this week – this and other photos can be found here. From the feedback, a good time was had by all, we apologise for any late arrivals to the office on Tuesday morning. There were about 40 of us in total, so the biggest yet by far, but a mere warm up to London’s more famous Twitter event, the Twestival next month.

There were plenty of good conversations and ideas, especially about how we can make these meetups more useful and enjoyable for all – watch this space for more information. The Twit also received its first piece of “press” this week, appearing in Stuff Magazine’s  top Twitter tips. At this rate, it’ll need a site of its own… anyone volunteering to build it would be welcomed with open arms!

Next Twit will be on 3rd March, once again, the folk from Tipped will be getting involved, so expect some more news some time in the second half of February.


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