Consider me fuelled


A couple of months ago, I signed up as a member of blogging community, FuelMyBlog. The concept behind this network of disparate bloggers all looking to discover other writers raging across interests and locations. The community is not quite 2 years old and boasts several thousand members, which is where the word “fuel” comes in. For companies looking to talk to bloggers, FuelMyBlog provides them with a one-stop-shop for talking to people like me who are interested in content for their blogs.Three companies that have recently been involved with FMB are:


  • Blurb is a start-up book publishing company which allows you to create your own photo- recipe- or travel books with free software. They used FMB to gather recipes from bloggers around the world to create the world’s first blogger cookbook complete with genuine local dishes. 

King of Shaves

  • When King of Shaves, best known for its oils and gels decides to make a razor, it struck me as an interesting concept. They sent bloggers a highly professional, slightly too slick, pack (which I didn’t read) with it’s new Azor, which looks and feels nothing like a normal razor… it’s great and very comfortable to use on the easy bits, but not so great on the fiddly parts of your face. I think they’ve got a way to go before I’d regularly use it, but it’s not bad for a first effort.


  • Wholebake is a small company based in Wales who specialise in making healthy snacks using only natural ingredients. All their products are vegetarian and they offer organic versions of their most popular products. Their 9bar, a hemp seed snack bar, is also gluten, dairy and wheat free.  This interested me because my sister doesn’t eat gluten or wheat.. I call her food “taste free”, since it usually looks like a tasteless version of whatever I’m eating. However, the 9Bar is excellent and really tasty. In addition, I got a hand written note from the boss and a Christmas card as well!

So despite my inability to get this post up on time (it was originally written in early December), I’ll be watching what FMB is up to – and with these brands in particular.


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