While this post’s title could be about sweating while blogging – that’s not something I do a lot of, or try not to. In fact, it’s another meme that’s doing the PR blogger rounds based on the question, “What inspires you to blog?” I’ve been tagged by Jaz, so here’s my take.

First blogger steps
My first blog was about a three month career break during which I came to the realisation that I wanted to work in social media or digital PR or web 2.0 or whatever we were calling it back then. I didn’t want to send a circular email, so I blogged about my time away from work, which was spent learning Spanish, reading, and volunteering in the Dominican Republic. Dominicans can be a pretty inspirational bunch, and whenever I read it back to myself, it reminds me of how I was feeling at the time. I like to blog about people, even if I’m writing about tech, I want to think about how it affects people.

For blogging’s sake
My next step was a Tumblr page that I wanted to be about interesting things I found on the web, finding inspiration from what others were creating, especially pictures. It ended up being pictures, blog posts, news stories, and quotes from Overheard in New York. All well and good, but not particularly inspiring or well maintained (My twitter feed still ends up being replicated there!). It was superseded after a few months by this blog.

So what?
Quite. It’s still about people, I try to blog about people, for people, but sometimes get it wrong. This is a professional blog (to some extent)… I work in social media PR and have to continually understand what it means to be both an individual and an online publisher (no matter how small) and having my own blog helps me do that. I’d like to blog more, and maybe I’ll make that a resolution for 2009.  

So that’s me done, and in the time-honoured meme tradition, I’m tagging Adam, Ashley, and Amanda – alliteration rocks. Oh, and here’s some other places you can read other answers to the same question.

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