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I’ve just got back from New York – an entirely non-work focused trip – and was struck by something while I was out there. Normal people in NYC read blogs… and not just occasionally. I’m blessed to have a number of friends in the city, so I manage to spend time there not being a tourist, but generally spending lots of money at nice restuarants, having nice conversations, with nice New Yorkers. At one such restaurant, in one such conversation, with some such people, popular US blogs Gawker, DListed, Gothamist, and Defamer were all mentioned in quick succession.

I noted that this wouldn’t happen in London with a large percentage of my friends. Someone pointed out that New Yorkers are more naturally suited to blogs. They like the exclusivity, the snarky writing style, the fact they get information before mainstream media. It reflects how they are as people.

Not sure there’s anything anthropological about that… just an observation.


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  1. Maybe it is just your London based friends. My girlfriend, Elizabeth, is a massive online celeb gossip consumer. If her friends are anything to go by, and they are definitely not geeks, readership is widespread of the blogs you mention here in London and Aus for that matter.

  2. As an American in London, I feel qualified to discuss this point. Londoners (and English-persons) just aren’t the bloggers that Americans are.

    Two points…

    1. The US is about 5x the population of the UK
    2. Free blogging services (aka Blogger/Blogspot and WordPress) started in the U.S.

    What we need is a European mobile blogging platform to give us (us Europeans) some umph.

  3. Coming from the same position as Krista, I agree (both with you and her). Most people I know in the US, not just those in social media PR and marketing, read blogs. It’s a successful way to communicate and share ideas about loads of different things. Here most of the blogs I read are more theme based (about PR, social media, tech, games, something). I know tons of ‘hey this is my life’ type blogs in the states that can still pull in between 500 and 1500 (not too small, not too big) views a day. I do think because key platforms began in the US it has helped.

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