Shoreditch Twit #3 kicks up a fuss


The third edition of the Shoreditch Twit took on a degree of formality, with a super foosball sponsorship from the guys at Tipped, a semi-formal RSVP list, and a great bunch of people from the Twittersphere. We even had a representative from Vice magazine, and a journalist from The Times coming to chatย  (thanks to @benrmatthews for the tip-off)… Add to that the vague buzz of approval, and I’d say we had a relatively succesful evening.

We could do with a few more bloggers showing up at the next one, as pointed out by Krista. And the next time it won’t be in a Football themed bar on the night on an England match. However, Jaz was pleased on the whole with the event, and Poppy was visibily upsetย to have missed out. We think we might have lost Felix, due to technical issues. Anyway, the event’s now big enough to warrant it’s own private room, maybe even some stickers… I’ll have a word with Moo about that.

So now there are murmurings of a Twit in November, which may or may not incorporate some pool action (here not here).


10 Responses to “Shoreditch Twit #3 kicks up a fuss”

  1. Thanks for organising it – was good! Give me a shout if you need any help with the next one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Well done Lewis, sounds like it was fun – you appearing at the Flackenhacks week after next?

  3. Technical issues indeed; apologies, ended up being rather more involved than I’d thought in chatting to potential new housemates. Next time!

  4. I’ll definitely try to get to the next one. Sounds like fun!

  5. Thanks for the feedback all – will be great if you can make it to the inevitable “next one”. It will probably need a bit of financial backing, so if there’s anyone in your networks that want to get involved, do let me know.

    @felix – I hope you find new flatmates soon – going through the process myself!

  6. Well I’m a blogger and I’m up for the next one!

  7. 7 jazcummins

    I’d prefer Aquarium! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. 8 Gerel

    Pool sounds amazing, but underwater tweetup could be fun too.

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