Three for three – my first meme.


Well it turns out being tagged in a meme is like waiting for a bus – nothing for ages, then two come along at once (thanks to Mel and Tom) following Jed Hallam‘s invention of the three for three meme. So here we go with my contribution.

Top three non-work websites

  • Urban Path – There are more comprehensive reviews sites, but this one only scoops the best stuff off the top
  • -it would have been Pandora until it got closed down in the UK, so I’m taking the site that replaced it in my life – oh, and it’s better.
  • Uncrate – Ok, it’s an American site, but the internet is global right?
Honourable mention to Filmspotting, the site’s pretty basic, but the podcast is unmissable.
Three favourite cocktails
Ok, here’s the tough one – I’m a huge fan of cocktails, not just drinking them for fun and the purpose of inebriation, also for the creativity of mixologists. The experimentation with fresh ingredients, quality drinks, and desire to intrigue all parts of the palate. The trouble is, with a good cocktail, it’s not just about the recipe, it’s about the experience and the context, so each of my choices has an explanation.
  • Wabi-sake at Bozu – Containing vodka, sake and wasabi, this was perhaps my first foray into cocktails with a kick. It led me to the Zatoichi at Loungelover and plenty of other spicy drinks
  • Mint Julep at The East Room – Towards the end of the night, our barman was recommending cocktails for each of the party and my request was for a bourbon-based cocktail which wasn’t too sickly. What followed was a 10 minute preparation for one drink, created it its own dedicated bucket of ice to utterly chill the whisky – It’s a spectacle to watch the barman at work there.
  • Mojito at EW Dubrovnik – First went here in 2003… It’s fair to say that Mojito’s are pretty hit and miss, but when you’re on one of the coolest beaches in the world, surrounded by party loving Croatians, it’s going to be that little bit special.
Honourable mentions to Passionfruit & Vanilla Mojito as served at Floridita and Public and the Jaberwocky Fizz at Pegu.
Top three karaoke songs (much easier)
  • Backstreet’s Back – Best done as a group
  • Somewhere beyond the sea – Bobby Darin
  • Crashed the Wedding – Busted
And with that, I’ll be tagging three more: Gary, Yael, and Chris. 
As ever – if you can work out what connects Mia Farrow with this blog post, feel free to leave your answers in the comments.

8 Responses to “Three for three – my first meme.”

  1. Great Gatsby?

  2. 2 bukolae

    If you ever visit New York I’ll have to take you to Korean Town in midtown Manhattan. We have a slew of karaoke bars stocked with cheesy music tracks and drinks 🙂

  3. @melanie was that too easy?

    @bukolae funny you should say that, I’m going to be in NYC in about three weeks

  4. That was some quick ‘meme’ing – good exotic cocktails tempered by a bit of Busted…see you at the Twit later!

  5. LOVE the karaoke songs! Especially beyond the sea!

  6. 6 Dina

    I see you put as one of your favs, thing is though I felt the same love for it until it continuously started to come up with only previews for some of the better known artists.
    I would recommend, it has a huge selection of music available, all free and legal, has a smartradio which molds itself to what you’re listening to so you can discover new and wonderful musicians and much much more.
    Anyways, enjoy.

  7. Dina, thanks for your comment – do you write about music often? If so, maybe you can point me to your blog.

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