Shoreditch Twit announces first ever sponsor


Despite my ineptitude in not being able to actually reserve a foosball table at Bar Kick, we’ve still managed to pick up a sponsor for next week’s Shoreditch Twit. Thanks to online reviews community Tipped (via grumblemouse) for stumping up the first 25 games of table football on the evening.

If the game’s not your thing, no problem, the event’s more social than sporting, but we’re very grateful to the Tipped folk for bankrolling the spinning and flicking addiction that some of us will bring to the bar.

So we’re going to head there early, grab our tokens and set up camp around one of the babyfoot altars. And – reflecting the lack of organisation and formality of the event – there probably won’t be a tournament, or an overall winner, or a prize. But then you probably knew that anyway. But having said that, this Twit’s set to be the biggest yet, so it’ll be great to see a whole bunch of faces (old and new) there. If you’ve not done so already, why not leave a comment to let us know you’ll be there.


4 Responses to “Shoreditch Twit announces first ever sponsor”

  1. ‘or an overall winner,’ we’ll see, we’ll see.

  2. Now, I’m not a bighead, but – I’m *amazing* at table football. I might have to come along and kick some ass. And balls.

  3. 3 jazcummins

    Woop! This post has pretty much all my favourite people in it. Am excited.

    Stu, we’ve played table football, with Kate Moss that time! I think you’ll remember that I was, well, shit. But I’ll be practising!

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