I party hard.


I was going to post about the blogger meetup yesterday, but I was out partying with these people – one of whom is a BB9 “competitor” with a deal to promote men’s make-up.. (he was wearing guyliner). Company Magazine’s 30th Birthday party isn’t exaclty social media, but it was free drinks, massages and a whole host of beautiful people – so with an invite courtesy of Melanie Seasons, I couldn’t turn it down.

So this week did see the latest in a long line of ever growing Blogger Meetups in London. Run by Andy Bargery, this month’s event was courtesy of Smirnoff Vodka (via Rax at Splendid). The meetup was hosted at the Diageo bar and was hailed universally as a successful meetup and a genius piece of blogger relations.

After being treated to several Moscow Mules, each blogger was then taken through the process of creating their own tailored cocktail which had been specially created by mixologists based on the content and personality of the blog such as the Ice Cream 4 Everyone cocktail.

So why is this so great? Well it’s really well thought through (not just free drinks), it’s personalised (the though that went into individual cocktails was really impressive and shows real investment in each blogger), it shows us something that we don’t know much about, and it makes a perfect excuse for an in depth blog post.

It probably won’t make me change my vodka order, but bags of kudos to the team for organising it – hopefully more brands will see the value of this type of activity with bloggers… already there are posts out there, so it’s good to see folk I caught up with there writing in agreement. 

Here are some other write-ups and pics from Lolly, Melanie, Willem, Annie Mole, Hayley and Yael (love the NYC crew!)


5 Responses to “I party hard.”

  1. Umm, I thought we agreed he was wearing manscara, not guyliner…

  2. 2 Rax

    Glad you had a good night!

  3. Thanks again Rax – was a good night indeed.

  4. Cool picture – Jaz just showed it to me tonight as I haven’t had time to write/read blogs this week !

    The Smirnoff thing was clearly great – a very good job done by Splendid !!!

  1. 1 Jazamatazz the cocktail « Jazamatazz

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