Slow to the party


I was a big fan of Pandora before it closed down over here. It took me a while, but I’ve recently really liked getting into (the better by far) and last night downloaded the application for my iPod touch. I love the idea of simply streaming music to a personal device that’s intended for music, and think that if other online music brands want to crack the market, they’ll need to get their apps sorted for personal devices too.

1. It’s better than shuffle – As the “radio stations” have individual profiles which are based on the style of music in the seed band or track you don’t get odd juxtapositions (e.g. Tiesto followed by Bill Withers)
2. It’s better than playlists – there’s no need to create a list from scratch, plus it gives you music that you don’t yet own and even stuff you’ve never heard of.
3. It’s better than Moron Genius – let’s face it, Apple has a lot to do with that puppy.

Oh, here’s an old video of a Coldcut track I like:


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