10 things you should know about the Shoreditch Twit


A far cry from the sweating, shouting crowds of the Twestival, E2’s very own Twitter meetup takes a very different approach to the concept. The Shoreditch Twit is an informal gathering of Twitter folk… there certainly won’t be any karaoke, or free drinks unless you get there and it’s my round. Anyway, here are 10 things you should know about it.

  1. The Shoreditch Twit was created after a conversation about beigels
  2. The first Twit actually took place by accident a week before it was scheduled to thanks to @robingrant
  3. The Shoreditch Twit logo is actually Nathan Barley using Twitter on his phone… (that’s not true, it was photoshopped)
  4. It’s a multinational affair, with people coming from as far as France and New Zealand to be there
  5. The Twit is sponsored by… actually we don’t have a sponsor, but happy to have enquiries
  6. Shoreditch Twit’s most recently discovered and liked Shoreditch blog is The Worship St Irregulars
  7. The next Shoreditch Twit will be on 15th October, at Bar Kick, 127 Shoreditch High Street
  8. You don’t have to live or work in Shoreditch to come, that’s just where it is.
  9. To sign up let me know you’ll be there, leave a comment on this post.
  10. If you missed the last one, you missed this.

24 Responses to “10 things you should know about the Shoreditch Twit”

  1. 1 tim hoang

    Lewis I’m in buddy

  2. Nice Lewis, see you there

  3. 3 jazcummins

    lolz, RSVP, though you know that’s not my fave bar Lewis!

  4. Hi Lewis

    Sorry I didnt get to meet you at Twestival – I’d be foolish to miss out on the chance to meet you here…sure Hoang will be calling for some Karaoke at some point in the evening….


  5. Hello. Can I come to your tweetup please? It sounds like a very nice gathering of people. Thank you.

  6. 6 Lewis

    Great – nice to hear from you all… look forward to seeing you there.

  7. I’ll be there too!

  8. D’OH – I’ve not been able to come to one of these as they ALWAYS seem to clash with something else I have on. Sorry can’t make this one either, (seeing Sir Peter Blake at LT Museum private viewing) but have fun 🙂

    So yet another time me and Melanie won’t be able to meet!!

  9. I’ll be there! Whether my liver will make it is another question…

  10. Count me in!

  11. Good, good, good…

  12. Sounds interesting – I’ll do my best to make it…
    What time is it, can’t see it written anywhere?

  13. Hi Michael, we’ll be there from around 6.30-7pm

  14. Sounds intriguing…I’d like to join.

  15. This certainly sounds like a delectable gathering…if you’ll have me I’d love to attend.

  16. Bugger, I’ve got plans that night. If they fall through I’d love to come!

  17. @Krista @theintellectualpervert – will be good to have you along

    @girlonetrack – sorry you can’t make it, will invite you to the next one as well

  18. Grumblemouse shall be in attendance – please queue to the left if you fancy being destroyed at table football

  19. Ooooh, I’ll clear my diary. Hang on, it’s empty anyway that day. I’d love to join you.

  20. Lolly’s recommended me to come along, recently moved to London so all being well I will see you all soon.

  21. I only work down the road and have a need for table football…I shall try and come along.

  22. Will improve point 4 of your list tomorrow as I’ve invited a friend from Switzerland to the Shoreditch Twit (he’s working in London this week). Please behave and do not QIK him ! (see point 10 for those who don’t get my point about Qiking 😉

  23. Brilliant 🙂

  1. 1 Three for three « Gary Andrews

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