Living the life of luxury online…


While I was in the US earlier this year, I bought a copy of GQ magazine… not unusual, I normally get the British version… and was impressed to see that the contents appeared on page 82 of the issue. Advertisers taking up the first 81 pages included Prada, Dunhill, Breitling and David Yurman (who sells $2,000 cufflinks). These are the types of company you expect to see in the front of glossies and less setting up facebook pages and getting involved with the online world at all. The rationale behind this being that their customers don’t think too highly of the interwebs, so why bother with marketing your brand using the online medium.

Well according to luxury PR gurus, that’s about to change. I was lucky enough to have breakfast this week with Sarah Hurley, who heads up Mango PR, which boasts a list of luxury travel clients longer than both my arms, to chat about online PR in the luxury sector… she put it this way:

“Traditionally the web hasn’t been seen as a forum for luxury products but I think this is changing fast. They need to be part of this worldwide conversation, especially given the fact that ‘digital natives’ are growing up and will be, or are already, part of their target audience. The web allows a brand to have a relationship with an audience like no other medium; it’s a tailored, personal approach that is constantly evolving. With the insistence on transparency, it’s about being in the right place at the right time.”

Which is great! It’s fab to have that attitude towards online and towards convincing traditionally web-averse clients to embrace it rather than avoiding it and hoping that it will go away and you can get back to glossy magazines and champagne parties.

So Mango (amongst other consumer agencies) is looking to take its first steps into the world of digital and social media. So much so, that Sarah is looking for someone to join the team there- someone with experience of dealing with clients and dealing with social media…. perhaps a digitally savvy Account Manager looking to get involved with pretty glam clients like One&Only and Massif des Aravis. I reckon it’s a lovely chance to drive digital initiatives within an independent agency and make your mark as the online expert, so check out the site and drop Sarah a note.

Now, speaking of the life of luxury… I’m off on holiday for 10 days… see you in September.


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