Shoreditch twat becomes Shoreditch twit


Urban Dictionary defines Shoreditch twat as:

a new media, fashion student, photographer-type person with a privileged digital or old school arts background who […]  has an ability to talk about pseudo-intellectual artistic bullshit with no relevance to the real world, completely up their own backsides, and a failure to comprehend that they are the laughing stock of the rest of the […] population.

There’s probably a degree of truth in that, but it’s not a universal description. Last night I discovered that there are a whole bunch of lovely people on Twitter who are based in the Shoreditch area, myself included. So in the same vein as Tweetups that are being organised stateside, I’ve taken it upon myself to organise the first Shoreditch Twit.

When: Wednesday 9th July, from 6.00pm
Where: The Big Chill Bar, Dray Walk off Brick Lane, London E1 6QL (they have Wi-Fi)
How: Follow @shoreditchtwit or just leave a comment here

Yes it’s short notice, but this is meant to be a very informal way of making new connections and strengthening existing ones over a nice cold drink. Hoxton fins, mullets, skinny jeans, wayfarers, etc. are not required!


11 Responses to “Shoreditch twat becomes Shoreditch twit”

  1. 1 jazcummins

    Love it! Am there – Shoreditch twittery yay!

  2. I will alert Shoreditch’s branch of Topshop that a special gathering of uber-twats will be in close proximity to the store, and will be in danger of rifling through their stacks of skinny black Moto jeans and upsetting the patrons.

  3. 4 Thelf

    The rise of the idiots. Again.

  4. Well fuckin Weapon or is it Mexico? Either way I’m in

  5. Oh – I seemed to have got the dates wrong – I’m here now. The beer tastes good…

  6. 7 alfie

    yeah, Ill come, always good to meet fellow idiots. Believe.

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