Social Media – it’s about us…


I first cut my teeth in the blogging world back in 2006 during a stint volunteering in the Dominican Republic. I was teaching English at a school, and the placement was done through an organisation called I-to-I. Since my trip, the site has gone all Web 2.0 with bookmarks, blogs and even a social networking aspect to it. They’ve also chosen to build a facebook page which now has close to 450 fans, taking on the idea that you can’t always get your audience to come to you online – most of the time you have to go to them.

However, a few months ago, I noticed that the Dominican Republic programmes had been removed from the website (see pic). I asked friends first, before emailing I-to-I and then eventually posted a question on their facebook wall. The response? Nothing – not a word or a whisper… after three weeks. I don’t think this type of behaviour is uncommon either. It’s a huge case of jumping on the bandwagon without knowing who’s driving and where its going. Clue I-to-I… we’re driving, and it’s going where we want it to go.

Setting up a Facebook page, or any social media presence and not maintaining it is like creating a hotline to a phone that no-one picks up. I’ll admit to not keeping all my online profiles up to date, I’ve not logged into Flixster for months, and my old blog died a death a while ago but that’s a personal page – it’s different. The social media mindset is one of engaging with your audience on their terms, taking part in an existing conversation and actually listening to what the public has to say. So I’m afraid after a valiant effort at looking the part, I-to-I simply doesn’t walk the walk.

B- must try harder.


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