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Some people must watch their incoming links like hawks… only hours after adding PRBlogger.com to my blogroll, Steven Davis Stephen Davies has outed social PRobiotic to the twitter community. I, of course, claimed that my thunder had been stolen, but I’m actually very glad he did. Having read this post about the three type of twitter users, I found myself vowing not to use it as a self-promotion tool, as those are precisely the type of tweets I’m least likely to appreciate. Of course the obvious exception is when the person is promoting something I’ll find interesting – and there, as they say, is the rub.

There’s been some discussion about twitter spam. Personally I think it’s an empty complaint – following is opt-in and if you want your updates to be protected, that’s also an option. However I do agree with @wadds comment that marketers should use the service “on a personal basis, and engage directly with the individuals that you are trying to reach”. The main issue with spammers taking over twitter is that the platform falls over far too frequently as it is, and the more people/bots using it to push their feeds, the more often we’ll find ourself without it.


4 Responses to “Outed on twitter”

  1. Sorry Lewis, I didn’t mean to out you or steal your thunder. I check my inbounds when I log into my blog each morning and there you were. Well, I didn’t know it was you until I read your About page.

    I assumed you had already gone public because you’d created links to a number of blogs including mine. In hindsight, I should have DMd you first or left a comment here before posting it on Twitter. Was just trying to show some tweet love. Apologies.

  2. 2 Lewis

    – Stephen, don’t worry about it mate, the tweet love was appreciated so you’ve nothing to apologise about. I know you’re the type of person to be up on these things so if I wanted to keep private, I wouldn’t have linked you.

  3. Cool 🙂

  4. I hate WordPress.* I didn’t even know you had this blog until I checked my Technorati trackbacks this morning and saw that you linked to me. Thanks 🙂

    I don’t know how you can manage having two PR blogs ( even if you’re employed by one of them). A content genius, you are.

    *I don’t really hate WordPress, but I do find it annoying that my version seems to only tell me about half of my incoming links.

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